Prioritizing Intrinsic Motivation

Friday, 10 September, 2021 - 1:16 pm

Nothing like the motivation and engagement that comes when learning about something you passionately value and care about. Rosh Hashanah lessons go beyond the classroom, engaging all students in the learning process. When learning about the pomegranate related to Rosh Hashanah, our students went to our on site pomegranate orchard to learn about the fruit, how it grows. We also got to see some of the other 7 species that Israel is blessed with (figs, dates, olives and grapes). We all made sure to avoid the prickly sabra growing there as well. The students drove the learning with their questions and gained a deeper understanding of the fruit and how it grows. The joy and smiles as they each got to pick their own pomegranate for their Rosh Hashanah table was priceless! May our year be filled like a pomegranate with opportunities to do good, learn and grow with revealed blessings for all.

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