Upcoming Masterclass: Emotion Regulation Skills

Friday, 30 September, 2022 - 11:04 am

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Here at the Hebrew Academy, a private Jewish Day School in Orange County, we recognize that good learning begins with a strong partnership between parents, teachers, and students. Setting this foundation early in the year creates a learning environment that maximizes the experience for each kindergarten, middle school, or high school student and enables us to recognize and support what they need to succeed.

We also know that learning goes beyond the classroom curriculum, and helping children feel comfortable, safe, and happy to learn is where good learning can happen. As we get settled into an excellent new year, teachers are taking plenty of time to get to know students and ensure they are comfortable with the routines and procedures.  We use many different strategies that help focus on both emotional and intellectual growth.  Teachers are providing life-long tools and skills to manage their emotions when they are feeling sluggish, down, or upset.  These skills are practiced throughout the day inside and outside the classroom along with support from our on-site counselors from JFCS of Long Beach.

Creating opportunities for parents to learn some of the best practices we are using in our classrooms, we have partnered with The Wellness Institute to bring you the opportunity to hear from world-renowned experts that can help support us as a team in bringing out the best in your child. 

Please consider joining us on November 1st for an outstanding class by Dr. Andrew Shatte expert on Emotional Regulation Skills. Dr. Shatte will focus on the imperative skills we need to help our children regulate their emotional state by teaching us to identify negative habits and thought patterns in our children, how they affect their emotional state, and what the steps are to return to their center. Dr. Andrew Shatte is a world-recognized expert and researcher who studies cognition and resilience - essential skills for proper emotional regulation. This event is geared toward parents of children of all ages, and we are certain we will all find many practical tools and tips we can use in the classrooms, at home, and beyond. 

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A tremendous thank you to the remarkable parents that partner with us daily and support Hebrew Academy's efforts in raising the future leaders of the world. Gemar Chassima Tovah to our families - please share the link with family and friends that can benefit from the remarkable learning experience the upcoming masterclass will provide.

The Hebrew Academy is the longest-running private Jewish day school in Orange County, offering preschool, kindergarten, middle school, and high school, serving the Long Beach and Orange County Jewish communities. The Hebrew Academy welcomes families from across the Jewish spectrum, and we invite you to be part of an exceptional learning experience that honors our Jewish roots, nurtures our students’ unique strengths, and kindles creativity.


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