Top 3 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right TK Program.

Monday, 16 January, 2023 - 1:34 pm

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 A TK program is an innovative preschool program designed to help children develop the skills needed to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. It focuses on developing a solid foundation for early childhood education by providing activities that challenge young minds. Through various activities, children are better prepared for the challenges of kindergarten and beyond.

Finding the best TK program for your child can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it’s good to research and compare different programs to find one that is right for you and your family. 

Here are the top 3 things to consider when choosing the right program for your child.


Finding the right curriculum for your preschooler can be daunting. You want to ensure that your child gets an innovative, well-rounded learning experience that will help them develop into a happy, optimistic individual.

A quality TK curriculum should engage students in a way that encourages curiosity. It should create an environment where students are encouraged to ask questions, think critically and express themselves freely. 

While an engaging, hands-on curriculum is essential, don’t underestimate the value of free play in a TK program. Allowing students to explore their interests without the pressure of achieving something, they can engage their natural curiosity and develop skills that will help them succeed. In addition, free play allows teachers to observe how children interact with each other, learn new skills, and express creativity. This insight helps teachers know how to support growth and development best. At the same time, children gain valuable insight into how the world works and build positive relationships with each other.


Social-emotional learning is a vital part of the early childhood experience. A good program helps children develop social skills, build relationships, understand emotions, and grow to become more confident. 

As parents, it’s essential to look out for signs that a preschool is providing social-emotional development and activities that promote learning. For example, is the school providing opportunities for children to practice cooperation and communication? Are there activities that foster empathy and understanding? Does the school promote positive behavior?

Be sure to consider the values of the school. Do they align with your family values? Are teachers passionate about what they do? Do they bring joy and enthusiasm into their work with children? In addition to social-emotional learning, look for those emphasizing Jewish values such as respect, kindness, and courtesy. 

Safety and Security: 

A safe and secure campus is essential for TK and any educational program. It provides a sense of peace of mind for teachers, children, and parents and is attributed to the relaxed atmosphere that you will find in the program. 

Security measures like key-card access, surveillance cameras, and regular maintenance checks ensure that the students can be happy and relaxed while learning. Parents also have peace of mind when they drop off their children, knowing their child is in a safe environment and know their children are in good hands.

Sending your child to a quality TK program can be one of your best decisions. Not only will they learn vital foundational skills that will help them succeed in school and beyond, but they will also gain valuable social and emotional skills that will serve them throughout their lives. Your child can develop a strong foundation for lifelong learning and success with the right program.

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