Passover Learning at HACDS: Enhancing the Academically Rich Experience for Students

Thursday, 23 March, 2023 - 6:47 pm


The Judaic program at Hebrew Academy Community Day School (HACDS) is a comprehensive and impactful education that promotes academic excellence and personal growth, drawing from the rich history and traditions of the Jewish faith. Passover, one of the most significant holidays in the Jewish tradition, provides a model for the importance of education and the transmission of knowledge from generation to generation.

Through the practice of Vehigaditah Levincha, or "you shall tell your child," Passover encourages families to pass down the story of the exodus from Egypt and its significance to their children. At HACDS, Passover is an example of the importance of education and its role in connecting students with their faith and traditions.

Connecting Passover Learning to Other Subjects: Making Education Fun


Passover is just one example of how HACDS enhances the overall academic experience for its students. The Judaic program uses an interdisciplinary approach to learning, connecting Passover lessons to other subjects and activities. For example, students learn about the science behind unleavened bread through experiments, connect to the theme of freedom through charoset making, and develop essential life skills such as time management and following directions through the model matzah factory. Who knew learning could be so much fun?

Promoting Pride and Identity: Connecting Students with their Heritage


The HACDS Judaic program also promotes pride and identity among its students. Students develop a deeper appreciation for their identity and a sense of pride by connecting with their faith and traditions. They learn about the history and culture of the Jewish people, including the story of Passover and its significance. They engage with the story in a fun and interactive way through reading stories, singing songs, and playing games. By connecting with their heritage and history, students gain a deeper understanding of the world around them and develop a sense of responsibility to their community and society.

Preparing Students for the Future: Building Essential Life Skills


Passover learning at HACDS is just one way the Judaic program is designed to provide a solid academic foundation that prepares students for their future journeys. Integrating Passover learning into various subjects and activities gives students a richer and more engaging educational experience. They develop essential skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration. They also learn to appreciate the value of hard work, perseverance, and dedication, which will serve them well in their future endeavors.

Passover learning at HACDS is just one way the Judaic program enhances the academically rich experience for students. The interdisciplinary approach to learning and the commitment to tradition and heritage make for a more engaging and meaningful experience. The program helps students connect with their faith and traditions, develop essential life skills, and better understand the world around them. We invite prospective parents to come and see what sets HACDS apart and how our unique Judaic program enriches the academic experience for our students. Join us in our commitment to fostering educational excellence, personal growth, and a deep appreciation for faith and tradition.


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