A New Chapter Begins: Principal David Weiss's Vision for the Hebrew Academy

Wednesday, 16 August, 2023 - 4:56 pm

A New Chapter Begins: Principal David Weiss's Vision for the Hebrew Academy


When rigorous academic standards fuse with the profound depth of Jewish heritage, the result is more than just a blend—an elevated educational experience that captures the best of both worlds. At the Hebrew Academy, this purpose-driven fusion is at the heart of their mission, making the role of a principal both intricate and deeply rewarding. In a recent gathering with the school's administrative team, Mr. David Weiss, the newly appointed Principal, shared his enthusiasm and vision for the Academy, underscoring a commitment to this enhanced form of education.

An Elevated Approach to Learning and Tradition

After dedicating many years to K-12 public education, Mr. Weiss eagerly steps into this new chapter, saying, "I'm looking forward to working in an environment that embraces my Jewish faith." This sentiment amplifies the Hebrew Academy’s commitment to integrated learning and mirrors Mr. Weiss's dedication to robust education. As a parent, he didn't just oversee his children's education from a distance; he was a regular presence in their classrooms, keen on being an active partner in their educational journey. His approach champions the perfect synergy between academic rigor and cultural enrichment. At the Hebrew Academy, students don't merely learn; they flourish in an environment that blends intellectual prowess with the depth of Jewish traditions and values. This distinctive approach sets the Hebrew Academy apart, making it a prime choice for families aiming to nourish the intellect and the spirit.

A Standards-Based Vision with Individual Growth at Its Core

Mr. Weiss is deeply passionate about providing an education that aligns with the best standards in the field. He believes in the goals set by the Common Core State Standards, particularly its emphasis on college and career readiness. However, he also understands that every student is unique. "While we aim to equip our students with the skills and knowledge outlined in these standards, it's equally important to recognize and nurture each student's strengths, passions, and aspirations," says Mr. Weiss. "At the Hebrew Academy, our approach to standards-based teaching is not about fitting students into a mold but about providing them with a strong foundation upon which they can build their unique futures."

Engagement: The Heart of Learning

With a distinguished career spanning roles as a teacher, assistant principal, principal, and various leadership positions at the district level, Mr. Weiss brings a wealth of expertise to the Hebrew Academy. His multifaceted experience in education equips him with a deep understanding of the academic landscape. Mr. Weiss understands the nuances of the educational landscape. He emphasized the importance of student engagement, noting, "You can have the best curriculum and assessments, but if the students aren't engaged in the actual classroom instruction, which is where the rubber meets the road, students will have little chance of learning and mastering the material.." This perspective aligns seamlessly with the Academy's ethos, where every classroom is a vibrant space of inquiry and active involvement.

Building a Warm and Welcoming Community

From his initial interactions, Mr. Weiss's warmth and professionalism were evident. He was struck by the Hebrew Academy community's genuine warmth and welcoming nature. His longstanding ties to the Southern California Jewish community, especially his family's pivotal role in establishing Temple Beth Emet, are a testament to their dedication and leadership within the community. The Academy eagerly looks forward to the partnership and unique perspective Mr. Weiss brings, anticipating the enhancements he will contribute to our already strong and vibrant community where every student, parent, and staff member feels cherished and integral.

A Personal Journey

Mr. Weiss is not just looking forward to leading the Hebrew Academy but also learning from its community. He shared his goal of improving his Jewish spirituality, Hebrew and Hebrew reading fluency during his tenure. Beyond the confines of school, Mr. Weiss is a man of varied interests, from fitness training to golfing to cheering for his nephew, Zack Weiss, at Angel Stadium.

As the Hebrew Academy welcomes Mr. Weiss, there's a palpable sense of anticipation. His vision is transformative: to offer an education that not only profoundly anchors in Jewish values but also champions a comprehensive academic experience that prepares students for the challenges of the modern world. Committing to placing student engagement at the forefront, he aims to cultivate an environment where academic excellence thrives alongside cultural enrichment.


Underscoring his dedication to community bonding, Mr. Weiss will be at Angel Stadium for The Hebrew Academy Get Your Game On Tailgate and game event. To be part of this community celebration, visit


Since its inception in 1969, the Hebrew Academy has been a beacon of academic excellence and cultural enrichment. With Mr. Weiss now at the helm, we are enthusiastic about the fresh perspectives and growth he will usher in. As we embark on this next chapter, we invite the entire community to join us in our continued commitment to developing future leaders who will excel in academia and make significant contributions to society.


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