A Community of Love, Learning, and Growth

Friday, 22 September, 2023 - 9:27 am


As we, parents and educators alike, navigate the excitement and promise of a new school year, it becomes ever more apparent that Hebrew Academy is more than a school. Together, we form a vibrant community committed to nurturing our children's minds and their souls. With unparalleled dedication and care, we're committed to reflecting our legacy, experiencing academic rigor, appreciating holistic growth, and learning purposefully.


A Unique Atmosphere: Where Teachers Love to Teach, and Students Love to Learn

Mr. Weiss, our new Principal, has quickly become integral to our Hebrew Academy mishpacha (family). His keen observation that our teachers' love for their students sets us apart resonates deeply with us. This love is the driving force behind our commitment to academic excellence and holistic growth.



Mensch Program: Cultivating Character from the Ground Up

The recent launch of the M.E.N.S.C.H. program, led by Rabbi Popack, focuses on Mindful Education that Nurtures Strong Character with Heart. Starting with our inaugural lessons on Chessed, we're laying the foundation for a community bound by shared values and expectations.


Individualized Hebrew Support: Meeting Every Student Where They Are

Morah Aidie, our new Hebrew Reading specialist, diligently assesses every lower school student and offers one-on-one support. She's joined by Morah Raizy, who will focus on helping older students with varying Hebrew backgrounds quickly acclimate and join their peers.


Holistic Support: Meet Tiffany, Our Full-Time ABA Specialist

We're thrilled to introduce Tiffany, our full-time ABA specialist. Her expertise in Applied Behavior Analysis is a valuable resource for teachers and students, equipping us with the tools and knowledge to educate and empower our students holistically.


Celebrating Sukkot: A Community Affair

As we prepare for Sukkot, our students had the joyous task of selecting an etrog for their classes to use on Sukkot. This simple act serves as a beautiful metaphor for our community—each student, like each etrog, is unique but contributes to the unity and richness of our traditions. We look forward to welcoming everyone to our Parent Sukkot Breakfast on October 3rd at 9:00 AM.



The Smile That Speaks Volumes

The smiles on our students' faces as they engage with their teachers, friends, and community activities are the most genuine indicators of the Hebrew Academy experience. These smiles tell a story of academic challenges met with enthusiasm, Jewish values lived with joy, and a community that feels like home.


So here's to a year filled with love, learning, and growth—a year that underscores why Hebrew Academy is the best choice for your child's education.



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