Rosh Chodesh at Hebrew Academy: A Day of Unity, Reflection, and Prayer

Monday, 16 October, 2023 - 3:53 pm

At Hebrew Academy, our Rosh Chodesh celebrations stand as moments of unity and spiritual reflection. In a world filled with uncertainty, occasions like these bring us closer together, grounding us in our traditions and shared values.

Our younger students in the lower school began the celebrations with an assembly that was as much about gratitude as it was about hope. Receiving their awards, their faces beamed with pride—a testament to their dedication and effort. But the heart of the gathering was when they raised their voices in prayer. Singing "Oseh Shalom," their collective plea for peace wasn't just for our school or community but for Israel and the entire world.


Following this, our upper school students had their moment of reflection. Rabbi Marcus, Rabbi of Chabad of Mission Viejo, was an inspiring presence and shared words that resonated with the students. He spoke of the power of positivity, the strength in unity, and the unwavering faith in G-d that has been the cornerstone of our traditions.


But beyond the individual segments, the underlying theme was evident: the importance and value of the day. Rosh Chodesh is not just the beginning of a new month; it's a reminder of our responsibilities, aspirations, and collective strength. As we embrace the month of Cheshvan, we carry forward the spirit of Rosh Chodesh, hopeful, united, and ever-prayerful for a brighter world.

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