Capes for Parents, Superpowers for Kids: 'Raising Thrivers' Unveiled!

Thursday, 9 November, 2023 - 4:07 pm

As parents, we've all had those moments when we wished for a superhero cape to navigate the challenges of raising our children. Well, here's your chance to don that cape while raising kids who possess superpowers. Introducing "Raising Thrivers," a webinar led by Dr. Michelle Borba, an expert in parenting and child development.

Capes for Parents, Superpowers for Kids

Imagine if you could wrap yourself in a superhero cape with the wisdom and tools to guide your child through twists and turns. Dr. Borba has identified these superpowers as seven critical characteristics: self-confidence, empathy, self-control, integrity, curiosity, perseverance, and optimism. 

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Why 'Raising Thrivers' Is a Parent's Dream

Practical Insights: Dr. Borba will share practical insights from her best-selling book "Thrivers" directly with you. Learn how to empower your child with these valuable life skills.

Hands-On Strategies: In the sea of parenting advice, "Raising Thrivers" will provide actionable strategies to navigate the challenges of raising resilient and empathetic children.

Join the Parenting Community: Connect with a community of like-minded parents and educators who are eager to empower the next generation.

The 'Thrive' at Hebrew Academy Community Day School

At Hebrew Academy Community Day School, we believe in empowering parents and children with practical skills for life. Our approach goes beyond academics; it's about preparing your child for a world where character and resilience are invaluable.

By joining "Raising Thrivers," you're embracing our mission to empower parents and children with essential life skills.

Time to Don the Cape

Ready to don your superhero cape and equip your child with their own? Secure your spot in "Raising Thrivers" now! 

Don't miss this opportunity to become the superhero parent you've always wanted to be while raising a generation of little heroes!

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