Thank You, Hebrew Academy Parents! Together, Look What We’ve Done.

Friday, 1 December, 2023 - 1:29 pm

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Tiny hands gripping his lunch box, a young boy walks alongside his Abba, stepping into the Hebrew Academy campus in Huntington Beach. It feels like a typical scene of a child embarking on his first day of kindergarten – a journey marked by new beginnings, nervous smiles, and the promise of new friendships.

But this is October, and for this family, it’s a first day unlike any other. Amidst the backdrop of a country in turmoil, this is not just the start of a school year; it’s a search for normalcy in a life disrupted by the chaos and uncertainty in their homeland, the land of Israel. This day carries the weight of hope for a peaceful refuge and the promise of stability.

The Hebrew Academy community rises to meet this challenge. What this young boy and his family find here is more than a school; it’s a sanctuary of peace, learning, and understanding. Teachers, students, and parents unite, turning the school into a temporary home away from home where laughter and learning replace fear and uncertainty.

The young boy's story is intertwined with his fourth-grade sister, who joined our community. Her transition, marked by the same resilience and hope, reflects our school's inclusive and supportive spirit. While these siblings embarked on a journey of discovery and growth within our campus community, their presence was a gift that enriched us all, reminding us of the powerful impact of empathy and connection.

Rabbi Newman often says, "Our mission transcends the boundaries of traditional education." his words from the 'Chronicle Nov-Dec 2023' issue resonate deeply with our experience: "A strong Jewish education is not just about academics; it’s about empowering students to take meaningful action." This was evident in how our teachers, admin, parents, and even young kindergarten students embraced this family, providing more than just academic learning but nurturing empathy, leadership, and a sense of social responsibility as they saw firsthand how their kindness and compassion make the smiles of their new friends grow with each passing day. 

As we bid farewell to this family, we find ourselves reflecting on the profound impact of their presence in our school community. Their journey has been an invaluable opportunity for growth, not just for them but for all of us here at the Hebrew Academy. Through their experience, our students, teachers, and the entire school community have been empowered, learning the true meaning of resilience, empathy, and support.

We thank this family for the opportunity they have given us – to put into action the values we hold dear. Their time here has empowered our students, especially our kindergartners, to practice compassion and empathy in a real, tangible way. It has strengthened our resolve to continue fostering an environment where every child feels valued, and safe, the best way to grow and learn.

As this family celebrates their first Shabbat back in Israel, they take more than just the academic knowledge gained at Hebrew Academy. They carry our entire community's prayers, well-wishes, and profound gratitude. 

Thank you to all our parents and community members. Your support and involvement have been fundamental to this journey. The friendships forged and the community strengthened during their stay have been invaluable. Their journey has illuminated the strength of our collective efforts and the impact of a nurturing, supportive environment. As they light their Shabbat candles, they brighten their home and the hearts of everyone in our community whom their presence has touched.

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As we reflect on the enriching journey of this family and our community's response, we extend an invitation to you. Join us at our upcoming Kindergarten Preview, an opportunity to witness firsthand the nurturing environment and robust education on our campus. 

See how we blend academic excellence with values like empathy, leadership, and social responsibility on Tuesday, December 19, at 9:00 am. Register at

But our doors don’t just open for our youngest learners. We welcome inquiries for openings in other grades as well. Each classroom at Hebrew Academy is a microcosm of our mission in action - a place where every student is valued, nurtured, and empowered.

Email Karen at [email protected] to set up a tour and witness the gift of the Hebrew Academy community.




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