Ahead of the Curve: Hebrew Academy's Middle School 101 Program

Thursday, 11 January, 2024 - 1:26 pm

At Hebrew Academy, we don't just teach for today; we prepare for tomorrow. That's the driving force behind our pioneering Middle School 101 (MS101) program, exclusively crafted for our fifth graders. It's a program that doesn't just bridge the gap between elementary and middle school – it builds a runway for our students to take off into their next academic phase with confidence, curiosity, and a robust skill set.


The MS101 program kicks off with an engaging introduction to middle school life. Here, our fifth graders embark on a delightful scavenger hunt, meeting their future teachers and collecting fun facts. It's a wonderful blend of learning and play, setting the stage for a smooth transition to middle school.


Each student receives a “passport” to our middle school, symbolizing their journey of discovery and growth. As they visit different classrooms and meet various teachers, their passports get “stamped,” marking their progress and the exciting new relationships they’re building with our dedicated staff.


From December onwards, the heart of MS101 truly beats. Once a month, students participate in a mini-lesson with a middle school teacher. These sessions are not just about the subjects; they’re about experiencing the life of a sixth grader, with all its challenges and joys. Students delve into activities, engage in discussions, and start seeing themselves as part of the middle school community.


This week at our MS101 session, students explored "The Adventure of the Speckled Band" with Mrs. O'Brien, our enthusiastic Middle School English teacher. This wasn't just a regular class; it was an adventure in critical thinking and collaboration, actively, engaging engaging the students in the lesson on short stories and their components. 


The goal of MS101 is simple yet profound – to ease the transition to middle school and ignite a passion for learning. By familiarizing students with the environment, the staff, and the style of middle school learning, we aim to dispel any jitters and replace them with excitement and anticipation.


As Hebrew Academy continues to roll out MS101, we invite our parents to engage with their children about these experiences. Discuss their discoveries, growing excitement, and perspectives on joining the middle school community. Together, we are preparing students for the next grade and preparing them for the next phase of their lives.


Join us at Hebrew Academy, where preparing for the future is an exciting adventure, and every student is ahead of the curve.


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