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Elementary Experiences - Mrs. Lauren Wolder

Wednesday, 16 March, 2016 - 1:43 pm

 From the Desk of Mrs. Wolder

1st Grade General Studies

Anyone who had visited our school during the first month of the year and who now returned to our first grade classes, would be completely overwhelmed by the maturity and all round growth of our students.

On entering our class, all visitors are met with an enthusiastic smile and a respectful greeting.

Our children's academic skills are steadily progressing and sometimes even surpassing the standards for the next grade. I listen to our daily reading, enjoy our daily writing and math, and am constantly in awe of how far these children have come in the last few months.

Not only am I amazed at the academic progress that I see, but also, the social maturity that is so evident.

Our first graders are truly a "school family", who look out for one another and are getting so good at problem solving themselves!

These children epitomize the meaning of HAPPY scholars, and as their teacher, I couldn't be prouder!

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