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Elementary Experiences-Mrs. Jennifer Bentley

Wednesday, 20 April, 2016 - 12:20 pm

From the Desk of Mrs. Jennifer Bentley

Kindergarten - General Studies


 In Kindergarten we are finishing up our unit on animals. Over the past couple months, we have learned about farm animals as well as wild animals and their habitats. The students went to the Irvine Zoo and Centennial Farms to observe and learn about a variety of animals. In order to promote cross curricular activities, we have integrated Language Arts and Science in order to fully understand and explore these animals. One of the projects that we have been working on is our “Farm Books”. We have dedicated a page to each farm animal.  In Language Arts we have been focusing on descriptive words and brainstorming our ideas before we write. A good writer always brainstorms before they write and my students have really excelled at this group creativity technique. We have been focusing on the major components of a sentence and “stretching out” our sentences. I am extremely proud of my students and how vastly they have improved their writing skills.

Another portion of our unit included in depth discussions about animals, how they move, their coverings, and their habitats. We discussed the various types of coverings that animals have including fur, feathers and scales, to name a few. The students also had to sort animals, through a variety of sorting activities, according to their habitats, coverings, and how they move. They also played a fun memory matching game where they had to match the animal footprints to the animal and also the animal babies to the adult animals. We learned about the animals’ classifications, including mammals, reptiles, birds and amphibians. We will finish off the unit with the students creating a mini-book about their favorite animal. The book will include a drawing of the student’s favorite animal in the appropriate environment and multiple sentences stating characteristics of the animal and why that is their favorite. The students will also identify the animal’s classification, the habitat in which they live and how the animal moves. The students and I have really enjoyed learning about, seeing and discussing Hashem’s creatures and look forward to learning even more when we dive into our ocean unit next month.

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