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Elementary Experiences - Mrs. Cheryl Johnson

Friday, 3 June, 2016 - 11:38 am

From the Desk of Cheryl Johnson

4th Grade General Studies

Trip to Sacramento

Last week, the 4th-graders spent three days in Sacramento and the Gold Country.  The trip was the capstone of our yearlong study of our state.  During the first trimester, we focused on the geographical features of California.  In the second trimester, we studied the Native American tribes who lived in California before European and Latin American settlers arrived.  Finally, during the third trimester, we learned about the Gold Rush and its impact on our state.  Going to Sacramento allowed the kids to actually see and experience some of the things they studied during the year.

On our first day, we toured a Central Valley farm and the kids picked a seasonal fruit.  (This year, they chose strawberries over blueberries!)  Agriculture is a major component of our state’s economy; 80% of the fruits and vegetables eaten by Americans are grown in California’s Central Valley.  During our tour, the kids saw firsthand some of the Valley’s bounty – and what it takes to produce that bounty.

We spent the second day in Coloma, where James Marshall discovered gold in 1848.  The kids participated in a play that brought to life the events leading up to Marshall’s discovery.  They also made pouches to hold any gold they found when they panned.   Finally, during our hike through historical Coloma and up to the Marshall Monument, our docent described some events that occurred after the gold discovery.  She also talked about the natural environment of the area.


On our last day, we toured the state Capitol, and met with Travis Allen, the assemblyman who represents our district.   As he and our guide pointed out, we the people of California are the “bosses” of the State Assembly and Senate.  Senators’  and assemblymen’s jobs are to govern our state in accordance with our wishes.  But we have to do our part as well, by participating in the political process.

Everyone was tired but happy when we arrived back home.  If you’d like to see some pictures from our trip, please visit Mrs. Johnson’s website,

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