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Elementary Experiences - Morah Rochie Popack

Wednesday, 23 November, 2016 - 12:51 pm

 Kitah Alef - is a year of many firsts! There are so many new skills we are learning, Kriyah - Hebrew reading and Kesivah - Hebrew cursive writing are just a few. The most exciting first - receiving our very first Siddur. We are very excited and are working hard on all our new reading skills, practicing and reinforcing what we already know so we can be very fluent and accurate readers.

While academics is very important and we are definitely learning so much. We are learning all the core values of the Hebrew Academy. Using the stories of the weekly Torah portion we are noticing the core values our forefathers exemplified and discussing ways we could follow in their paths. We began with the core value of kindness and used Abraham, who epitomized kindness as our primary example. We encouraged kindness mitzvah notes and began building our kindness chain. It is already so long and gets even longer with every kind deed that we do.

This week we continued with the core value of courtesy and spoke about the courteous way Rivkah behaved when she met Avrohom’s servant at the well.

We look forward to learning more of the Torah portions each week and learn our core values through them.

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