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Elementary Experiences - Mrs. Lauren Wolder

Friday, 20 October, 2017 - 3:41 pm

Hi from First Grade!

WOW.....Its October already!😀 

After a VERY busy time with all our holidays, it feels good to get back into a 'full week' routine. 

In English, we are already nearing the end of our first classroom reader, and 5th weekly story. Each story in our Pearson Reading Street Program, focuses on specific readingwriting and  grammatical skills.

 This week, we read " Get the Egg". Our students discussed how we can help animals in the wild, and followed the writing process, ( planning, rough draft, editing and final copy ) as they completed their non- fiction, information paragraphs. We identified words with the short e vowel sound, and sorted our story parts into their correct sequence. Making sure that all sentences have a subject, a predicate, and the correct punctuation, is practiced daily in our Journals. 

Math is fun in First Grade.🔢

We use manipulatives, smart board interactive activities and our Envision Math program, to facilitate engaging and meaningful learning!

At the moment, our students are working through Unit 3, representing and identifying numbers in ten frames.

We are using math facts and different problem solving techniques to read word problems, identify the question being asked, write the number sentence, draw the problem and find the answer.  

A favorite of ours is "Magic Circle" time.

Sitting together as a class and discussing interests , friendships and being part of a community, gives us opportunities to understand each other better, while discovering new problem solving techniques, that help us move closer to independently working through challenges. 

These are just a few of our First Grade Highlights!🌼

Wait until you walk past our classroom and see our SMILES!

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