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Wednesday, 25 October, 2017 - 1:35 pm


A day in the life of a kindergartener!

Our fantastic Kindergarten class has been hard at work and play. They have all made the huge transition from Pre-K into their first school class beautifully! We are so proud of them!

The children are learning to recognize their numbers, letter names and sounds, and sight words. They each read in class daily, either individually or in groups and receive a short reader to take home and practice with their parents.

The Kindergarten day is jam packed with activities! We start out with our “Daily Fix-it”, where children are learning to correct grammar in a sentence. We have learnt about spacing, a period and having uppercase letters for names and the beginning of sentences. The children use editing marks to correct the sentence. Next we move onto centers which include our Journal writing where our emergent writers craft sentences to match the picture they have drawn. They use best guess spelling which shows their knowledge of letters and sounds. Another center includes phonics where children practice matching sounds and letters, alphabetic order, sequencing of stories, rhyming and other language skills. The third center is guided reading. Here the children read in small groups or individually, or learn a new reading skill like blending consonants or digraphs.

After centers we have a short read aloud story and work on listening, comprehension, sequencing of events, characters, setting and story plot. Their literacy skills are emerging and I love seeing the little lights go on in their eyes when they can answer and ask questions about the text.

We then have snack and some playtime outside! After recess is Calendar time! We count the days of the month, sing songs, practice skip counting, counting on and other math related skills. Our oral language comes next. Each day three children share their “Share Boxes”. Inside they have an item related to a theme, this week was animals. Each children gives three clues and the class tries to guess their animal. Thanks to the parents, who help them prepare for their sharing. The children are learning to project their voices, speak articulately and confidently.

We then move on to math skills as a whole class or in small groups. We use our math journals to record data, practice writing numbers and doing math problems. We try to squeeze in an alternating science experiment or social studies activity.

Finally, we end with a story and the children are off to lunch! Kindergarten is filled with work and play, constantly switching activities to keep their growing attention.

I am so proud of our Kindergartners!

Always playing!

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