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Elementary Experiences - "Fressil"

Friday, 22 December, 2017 - 2:06 pm

"Fressil" - Fifth Grade Students Create Writing Company

    When it comes to seeking out a company to outsource your writing needs, have you considered elementary school students? An entrepreneurial group of fifth graders at Hebrew Academy of Orange County has created a company that does just that.

       The company, Fressil, writes wonderful, unique stories that people specially request.  They are well-written (thanks to the Wondering Writing program at Hebrew Academy) and hand-delivered, selling for about $1 per story.

       A trio of fifth grade boys - DovBer Fried, Kalev Hess, and Gil Lichtmacher – decided to start Fressil, counting on their writing talents. The company’s name, Fressil, derives from a couple of letters from each of their names: “Fr” from the first two letters of Fried’s last name, “ess” from the final three letters of Hess’ last name, and “il” from the final two letters of Lichtmaher’s first name.

    Fressil has expanded beyond its initial trio to include Aviv Shayestah, whom they hired to write for them and serving as a sales representative, and Ben Mahgerefteh to manage their PR/Marketing.

       This collective, which is serious and very passionate about their work, has written and sold many stories. The boys have conducted themselves with an extraordinary degree of professionalism and have their sights on growing and expanding their work.

       Moreover, they are tithing at least significant portion of the profits to Jewish causes! I am delighted and pleased about this entrepreneurial effort taking place right here at Hebrew Academy. Check out their website here.

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