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Middle School Girls' Trip to NY

Thursday, 17 January, 2013 - 12:02 pm

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Incoming 9th graders of Hebrew Academy Huntington Beach spent 6 packed days touring Crown Heights and New York.

Several girls of the incoming 9th grade class of Hebrew Academy Huntington Beach (BRLH) Upper School in California spent six days with their teacher and Shlucha, Mrs. Rochel Leah Stillerman touring Crown Heights.

They took in the traditional New York tourist sites in a packed schedule. The Jewish Children's Museum and Kingston were among the most exciting parts of the trip.

The girls visited kosher restaurants and kosher clothing stores where they all found something they loved.

Mushka and Estee commented that the city was crowded and full of commotion and laughed about the smells of the streets. Elainamarveled at the number of people she knew in Crown Heights andYael visited friends.

Writing a pan at the Rebbe's Ohel was a meaningful and deeply spiritual experience for all of the girls. Only after leaving did they realize that they were so inspired that they forget to photograph themselves there.

They commented about the warmth they felt in 770 and in the homes of their hosts on Shabbos and compared it to the warmth and welcoming atmosphere at their school back in California.

All of the girls were excited to talk about the trip and happy to be back. "You know what it's like here, here it's home." said one girl. "I love this school, the teachers focus on each individual student." said another, "you know everyone and everyone knows you, kind of like in Crown Heights. We are a community."

Mrs. Stillerman was inspired by the renewed chassidishe spirit of the girls and looking forward to bringing that spirit into the coming year.




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