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Inspiring the mind, Nurturing the heart, changing the world

Tuesday, 27 November, 2018 - 9:53 am

 The Hebrew Academy of Orange County celebrated students community service projects at the annual Mitzvah Night on November 27th at the Alevy Campus. The celebration highlighted the impressive and diverse community projects the students worked on and completed.

Each grade was involved with a different project to help out communal organizations locally and globally. The projects were presented by students with the representatives of the organizations in attendance. Some of the organizations highlighted were Bubbe and Zayde’s Place, Support Our Troops, Simchat Shabbat OC, Friendship Circle, Fill the Food Pantry for LBCC, 2nd Smiles for Seniors, and others.

“Our goal was for our entire community to celebrate; students, teachers and parents together,” said Rabbi Avrohom Popack the school's Judaic administrator. “Having everyone come out to celebrate highlighted the importance and value we place on practicing loving kindness and doing good deeds in the broader community.”

“We created the experience,” says Rabbi Popack, “in order for our students to gain exposure to the many opportunities available to them and to see first-hand, how each class's individual projects, when combined with all the others, make a HUGE difference in a very profound way.”

 “At Hebrew Academy Orange County,” says Rabbi Popack, “we believe that the best instruction is experiential. When our students get to see the results and feel the satisfaction, we know that our students will continue their kind deeds on their own. We know this is true, because we've seen its results over and over again!”

It is a Mitzvah to bring light to the world, especially in difficult times. The Hebrew Academy of OC instills values of contributing to society to our students. This Mitzvah campaign has become even more meaningful to our students  because they have come up with, planned, and executed these acts of loving kindness for others.


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