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Why Jewish Day School?

Friday, 28 September, 2018 - 4:11 pm

There are 6 main reasons, according to the Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education, that are behind most parents motivation to send their kids to day school. They range from education to comfort within the Jewish Community. Each has their place, and each helps affirm why The Hebrew Academy is the best place for our communities children. No matter what stage of Jewish life you may walk in, a Jewish Education will not only prepare your child for the real world but will also perpetuate their Jewish Identity and help them see the beauty in our religion and culture.

 Excellence in Education -

Jewish Day Schools offer a challenging dual curriculum that is usually coupled with a smaller class size. This allows for individualized attention from teachers. The everyday use and teaching of Hebrew also helps to develop a students capacity for learning. At The Hebrew Academy, the integration of Judaic and Hebrew Language Studies within the general studies curriculum also push students to learn real world based applications for ideas, values, and history found in the Torah.

Fostering Jewish Identity and Values -

Parents may choose a Jewish day school education because they seek a value system and identity similar to what is being taught in the home. They prioritize living Jewish concepts such as tikun olam and gemilut hasadim, and believe that students who attend day schools become more ethical and moral individuals.

Our 8th and 12th graders engage in a year-long personalized research project that combines their Torah learning with their general curriculum studies, culminating in report from their hearts about their journey at the Hebrew Academy.

Connecting to the Jewish Community -

For some families, joining a day school is the “gateway” for them finding Jewish families in similar life stages as themselves. This may be their first contact or most meaningful contact with the Jewish community. This gives parents, families, children the sense of connection that some lose as they move away from families or where they grew up. They may be looking for that added support that a vibrant community can provide.

Creating an Enduring and Vibrant Jewish Community -

Having a vibrant Day School in ones neighborhood gives a close connection to families seeking the Jewish community as a familial center. Through values such as Klal Yisrael (Jewish Unity) schools represent a diverse and broad range of Jewish ideology and practice. As the hub of Jewish learning, day schools connect the larger community with Jewish teaching and the community with Jewish living.

Judaic Literacy and connection to Jewish History -

The Jewish Day School is the institution most dedicated to growing and sustaining future knowledgeable Jews. Day schools represent the vision for our future. By ensuring fluency in Hebrew and confidence in reading Jewish texts and Torah, the sustainability of the Jewish future is more secure.

Fostering Confidence and Leadership Skills -

By providing educational connections to Jewish history, texts, and the Hebrew language, and by nurturing relationships to Jewish tradition, beliefs, and practices, day schools make Judaism second nature instead of an afterthought. Connecting the Torah and the need for leadership in our community is vital to the survival of Jewish heritage.

The vast majority of the Hebrew Academy graduates serve in a volunteer role in their post high school  learning and many of these same young adults continue to be involved in the community through serving in lay leadership positions, fundraising or contributing to local Jewish organizations. Our graduates, through their experience at the Hebrew Academy, are the future  leaders in our community. 

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