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Friday, 6 September, 2019 - 3:38 pm

Dear Hebrew Academy Family,

Patrick Crowley color.jpgThere is an excitement in the air at the Hebrew Academy. Like the kids we teach, we are getting bigger, smarter, and stronger every day. Our High School is growing in both the number of students that we are teaching and in the opportunities that we are providing them. Our Middle and Lower Schools are developing thoughtful programs that address the academic, social, and religious needs of our students. It is a great time to be in this great school.

In August, we launched our boys High School. I am so impressed by these mensches. Whenever I step into the refurbished H building, the first thing I notice is not the crisp gray wood flooring but the intelligent conversations emanating from the classrooms. I hear a group of young men who are taking charge of their education and are becoming the leaders of their community. These mensches are lucky to be at the forefront of a new era at the Hebrew Academy. 

Our High School girls continue to thrive. The school feels extraordinarily vibrant this year. Maybe this vibrancy is the result of the fact that our student body has grown by 30 % or maybe it is because our already stellar teachers spent the summer attending workshops and honing their craft. This year we are expanding our educational program by partnering with Golden West College to provide our students with college level classes. This initiative helps our students to pursue their academic interests in a rigorous environment.  Many of our students will graduate from High School with a full semester of college already completed. Regardless of their academic goals, our students will understand what it takes to achieve them. 

In the Middle School, our students are all taking an advisory class. The advisory classes are taught my Ms. Brown, Mr. Constantino, and myself. During these classes students learn leadership, executive functioning, social, and reflection skills. These classes help our students to transition to a place in their lives in which they can be more independent and proactive in achieving their academic, religious, and personal goals. These students (and I) are fortunate to be working with this creative and caring team.

The Lower School is launching a new Social Emotional Learning Curriculum designed to help our students grow as reflective leaders and caring members of our community. We want our students to grow in the classroom, on the school yard, and as siblings/sons/daughters. Rabbi Popack and Dr. Harari worked tirelessly to design this curriculum using tried and true SEL programs that are shaped through the lens of our school’s Jewish values and Midda Tova. We continue to be committed to teaching the whole child.

As the Hebrew Academy moves beyond our 50th year, the school feels more fresh and exciting than ever.

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