Learning Comes to LIFE!

Thursday, 28 January, 2021 - 2:01 pm


Learning Comes to LIFE!

This week, our fourth graders traveled back in time to the very beginning of California’s history. The annual assembly, Walk Through California, guides students through the history and geography of the Golden State. We were absolutely thrilled to be able to offer the experience live and in person. 

Students spent the days leading up to the event becoming experts on key features and locations in our state. We began by becoming experts on certain terms like glacier, El Camino Real, and presidio. Every student memorized their terms and researched facts related to their terms. Did you know that there are 58 counties in California or that the lowest elevation in California is found in the Badwater Basin (282 feet below sea level!)? Students also learned “The Star Spangled Banner” as part of preparing for the experience. 

Our host began by teaching the students about the early tribes of California including the Chumash and tribes of the La Jolla complex. From there, we met Spanish conquistadors and the missionaries who introduced California to Europeans. The Gold Rush was our last major stop when the ‘49s transformed the state’s landscape and economy. 

I was particularly proud of the way our students represented the Hebrew Academy’s Core Values. They were respectful listeners, encouraging teammates and appreciative audience members. We should all give our 4th graders a (socially distanced) high five for their hard work and dedication!



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