First Graders are Ready to Soar!

Thursday, 8 April, 2021 - 2:23 pm

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This year it has been just amazing to see our young first-grade students achieve milestone after milestone in all subject areas. They are so full of life and love for learning. They are willing to tackle challenges with a growth mindset and not become discouraged as the general studies’ content gets more and more challenging! Instead, they have learned to say with a smile and a happy heart, “I don’t get it …YET!” My reply is always, “That’s okay because I know you will soon!” 

First-grade mathematics provides a perfect example of their extraordinary stamina. This year, chapter after chapter has been building onto the basic skills of addition and subtraction. First, with numbers through ten, pairs that make ten, and doubles facts through 24. Then we geared up for number families, related facts, and numbers through 100. Finally, we introduced place value and the daunting concept of r-e-g-r-o-u-p-i-n-g! Just before spring break, your children worked like champions on a donut addition craft designed to engage and support them in understanding this abstract concept—a concept that is essential to a successful mathematics experience throughout the remainder of grade school.

Your children demonstrate perseverance in a way that is unusual for first graders! You should be so proud of these remarkable, determined learners, with their can-do attitudes!

With love for your children
and admiration for your families,

Mrs. Kerry Flynn,
First Grade GS Teacher

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