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Friday, 7 January, 2022 - 10:14 am

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We are proud that learning and internalizing Jewish values are integral parts of the outstanding Hebrew Academy educational program, and look for opportunities to recognize students who embody these character traits - winter break is no different!


How it works: Every morning, (beginning Dec 27,) at 7:00 a.m., a new daily challenge will be posted on the Hebrew Academy social media pages (facebook and Instagram). Let's fill the world with goodness, kindness and values - tag your friends to be a part of the challenge too!


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The Hebrew Academy is grateful to the support from the Orange County Business community - thanks for your commitment to values in education - a true give that keeps on giving!

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The Farmers & Merchants Bank Foundation launched F&M Gives, a giving program to connect our employees to our wonderful nonprofit organizations in our communities. Employees voted on an entity to receive a $2,000 donation. The Hebrew Academy was selected by local F&M employees to receive the award.

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Challenge #2 - Show respect to someone that works hard for you. What did you do? How did it make them feel?

Hebrew Academy’s committed and dedicated staff earn the respect they receive. Thank you for all you do for the children and families of the Hebrew Academy!  

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Challenge #3 - Be Courteous. 

Courtesy is part of the Hebrew Academy core values because it teaches children to always leave space to consider someone else's needs. Check out Hebrew Academy courtesy in action: 

Almost there: Challenge #4 - Be Kind


Easy to be kind to our immediate family and friends, how can you spread the gift of Kindness beyond?


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At the Hebrew Academy Kindness is a way of life! “Friendships built at the Hebrew Academy last a lifetime!” It is our shared passion that brings us together and it is the value based program that ensures our students have the 21st century social skills required to maintain strong friendships with the power to create new ones. We are family!


Challenge #5 - TRUTH


When we celebrate Shabbat we connect with some important principals of our faith as a Jewish nation. What are you doing/making in honor of Shabbat?


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