Top 3 reasons it's important to promote Gratitude in school.

Monday, 21 November, 2022 - 3:12 pm

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Here at the Hebrew Academy, we focus on five core values, kindness, gratitude, truth, respect, and courtesy. As Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and show appreciation, we chose to highlight the value of gratitude this month. 

In truth, according to Judaism, gratitude is significant; it is not just a once-a-year occurrence but how our sages teach us to begin our day. Each morning, upon opening our eyes, our sages instructed us to recite the prayer of Modeh Ani. As we start our day, this prayer reminds us that G-d has granted us the gift of life again. 

What is so essential in showing gratitude that, as Jews, this is how we should begin our day? The value of appreciation is the opportunity to think beyond ourselves, which can empower us in many ways. As many begin to recognize the importance of gratitude, here are our top three: 

1 - Gratitude builds a positive social culture. Gratitude is a social emotion that is extremely important in building relationships. When we recognize how others help and support us, it creates value in the people around us. Making time to appreciate the attributes and gifts of others allows us to see the value they bring to our life and their significant role. Sharing this with another person makes them feel appreciated and sets a strong foundation for friendship and community.

2- Gratitude increases self-esteem. When we can take the time to show gratitude and recognize the gifts of each person, we can wholeheartedly recognize the accomplishments of others without feeling bad or jealous. When we realize the contribution and value of our friends, family, and community, we learn to appreciate what they bring to the table without minimizing who we are or what we can do. When recognizing the contributions that others have in our life becomes a habit, we begin to understand that others see value in us, empowering us to care more, help more, and give more. 

3 - Gratitude is a celebration of the Moment. Making gratitude a part of our everyday life serves as a constant reminder to us to take nothing for granted, magnifying positive emotions within us. Creating space to appreciate the value of things and people help us celebrate each moment recognizing the good it does for us, who we have to thank for it, and how we can show them how grateful we are. It allows us to recognize today's gift, perhaps not so ironically referred to as the present. 

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