Calming Kindergarten Nerves

Thursday, 23 August, 2018 - 6:28 pm

 Calming Kindergarten Nerves

New school years are exciting, but for our little ones starting Kindergarten it can be exciting and nerve wracking all at once. Kindergarten jitters are completely normal. Here are a few ways you can help them be prepared and less anxious on the big day!

  1. Create routines at home to set your child up for success! Kindergarten requires independence and the ability to follow directions. Help your kid get into this routine by having them put their clothes away, cleaning up toys, setting the table, etc. These types of activities will help your child feel comfortable in the classroom.

  2. Meet the teacher! Attend back to school functions and familiarize yourself and your child with the classroom, teacher, and other classmates.

  3. Have play dates! Enjoy play dates with other kids in the same class so your child has a solid connection with some of his/her classmates before school starts.

  4. Read back to school stories! Reading about children going through the same experience will help ease your child’s fears. This will also help your child talk through any anxieties they are having about the first day of school!

There are lots of other ideas you can take advantage of too, check out the full article at We can’t wait to see you this fall!

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