Our Academics


Annual curriculum expectations in General Studies for grades K-5.

General Studies: 

These expectations are aligned with common core standards as well as the academic content standards from the State of California.

In our General Studies K-5 classrooms we use the most current version of the McGraw Hill, award winning curriculum for English Language Arts (ELA) and Math.

These programs, Wonders and My Math, respectively, ensure that students at The Hebrew Academy are learning on par with the most accelerated standards and expectations of any school anywhere.  Moreover, we provide a blended learning environment using current guidelines and best practices that research recommends to achieve the most effective balance between direction instruction (teacher-led) and online learning. 

Our teachers are trained to utilize an online supplementary online math and reading program called iReady to provide the highest level of individualized learning. This program enables teachers to know the precise level of achievement for every student.  This information is used to tailor individualized instruction targeting the students specific areas of need.