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Life at HA

Hebrew Academy Graduates Are Ready For Next Steps!

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The Hebrew Academy held its in-person middle and high school graduation ceremonies on Tuesday, June 15th at its 11-acre campus in Huntington Beach. There were 21 middle school and seven high school graduates. Although unprecedented, the 2020-2021 school year, culminated in a special evening of joy, pride, and nachas. Thanks to an in-person program, data-driven curriculum, an emphasis on social-emotional learning, and a network of support, the year was successful and ended on a happy note.

Transcending the obstacles posed by COVID-19, the students completed their studies, maintained high academic achievements, and are ready for the challenge of the next stage of their schooling. Remarkably, ninety percent of the middle school… Read More »

Congrats! Your Journey Continues!

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“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson
Since when did you all become young adults?!
With the strong foundation for learning set forth at the Hebrew Academy, may you continue to grow from strength to strength, continuing to develop your passion for learning and pride in your identity.
High School here they come! 

Thank You Lena

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Thank you Lena, there are no words to express the appreciation we all have for your leadership, vision, care and love!

Thank you for being who you are and doing all that you have done!

Wishing you all the very best with an abundance of Nachas from your amazing family! 

The Prophets inspire the future leaders of the Hebrew Academy


A Navi is a prophet. Neviim are Prophets. The Sacred books of Prophets, written from 1200 BCE- 587 BCE are part of what’s known as The Written Torah. The books of Prophets chronicle historical and personal stories of the Jewish people from after the Death of Moshe-settling into the Land of Israel, up until the Babylonian exile after the destruction of the first Temple.

Middle School Girls have wrapped up a year of learning an intriguing storyline with some map, text and life-skills intertwined with personal growth lessons from Navi SHMUEL ALEF-Samuel 1. In two lessons a week, over the course of the academic year, these girls have been introduced to Torah figures who had choices to make that impacted themselves, those… Read More »

Seeing is Believing!

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High school students at the Hebrew Academy have new tools to support learning. Tools in science tend to extend our senses, especially what we see. In our three biology classes, our ability to visualize increased dramatically this spring. Students tried out the Promethean InterActiv board, which takes the Smartboard concept to another level. Students skillfully used it for brainstorming and for creating collaborative thinking maps in which they connected terms and concepts in the study of living things.

Microscopes are an indispensable tool of the biologist, especially those with high quality lenses that provide fine resolution. Hebrew Academy acquired new monocular scopes of… Read More »

We are OPEN!


There is something nostalgic and comforting about coming to the school library to check out a book. Browsing the aisles, flipping through the pages and picking a quiet corner to relax and read is such an important experience for children (and adults!) I was thrilled to welcome students back to our library this week. Not only are they coming back to the library as one of their activities but students are also able to check out books again. If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Read and Fit-A-Thon! The Parent Association is proud to be able to help enrich activities on campus. Activities such as teacher appreciation, holiday… Read More »

Kindergarten is getting ready for Shavuot! Are you?



In Kindergarten we are moving our way up the Mountain of Har Sinai with our very own footsteps. We are counting our way up to the top of Hars Sinai with excitement and getting ready to celebrate the Holiday of Shavuos and the giving of the Torah.

During this time, we also reflect on our relationship with others and find ways to express our love for one another. We learn from Rabbi Akiva "Veahavta Leraiacha Kamocha - you shall love your fellow as yourself"". This is our rainbow of hearts - special messages that the children are writing to their Kindergarten friends for all the nice things that they do for one another.

Lots of Kindness and Love in the Kindergarten!

Morah… Read More »

Pushing Past Our Comfort Zone - Reading and Writing Like Never Before

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This year in English the high school students are covering Nonfiction texts and are doing a lot of Composition - with many of the units aligning with the Cal State ERWC curriculum - which is meant to better bridge the gap between high school and college level reading and writing demands.  So far we have embarked on the following units: Writing 101 Bootcamp, What’s Next..Thinking about Life after High School, Social Media...The Double Edged Sword, Should College Athletes Be Paid?, Undercover Parent...Should Parents Use Spyware on the Kids’ Devices?, Education, and Gender. Students have been pushed in writing, in annotating articles, and in analyzing an author’s stylistic choices. Some highlights of the year… Read More »

First Graders are Ready to Soar!

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This year it has been just amazing to see our young first-grade students achieve milestone after milestone in all subject areas. They are so full of life and love for learning. They are willing to tackle challenges with a growth mindset and not become discouraged as the general studies’ content gets more and more challenging! Instead, they have learned to say with a smile and a happy heart, “I don’t get it …YET!” My reply is always, “That’s okay because I know you will soon!” 

First-grade mathematics provides a perfect example of their extraordinary stamina. This year, chapter after chapter has been building onto the basic skills of addition and subtraction. First, with… Read More »

Passover Brings Hope

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The history of Passover reminds me of COVID-19. Not because the pandemic has the makings of the ten plagues in Egypt, but rather, because the takeaway from the holiday is an inspirational message, which resonates in our present situation. My experiences of the pandemic revolve mostly around my daily interactions within my community as Head of School at the Hebrew Academy. The Academy was forced to close in March, like most other schools, for the rest of the year. We retooled and converted to distance learning with impressive results. At the same time, with the assistance of our remarkable staff, we kept in touch through innovative points of contact with the hundreds of families we serve. But it could not replace live face-to-face… Read More »

Practice Makes Perfect! So proud of our Fifth Graders

 Blog photo - american revolution .jpg

In 5th grade we have been learning about The American Revolution all year. We started by watching Liberty Kids, an animated historical cartoon, that turns learning into fun. In February the students received their parts to learn for Walk Through the American Revolution. We spent all month rehearsing and memorizing our performance. This presentation helped the students learn about cooperating and collaborating with others in order to accomplish an end goal, presenting their parts and battle scenes. On March 17, we were fortunate enough to have a live dynamic program with a wonderful presenter that facilitated the morning. We learned even more about the American Revolution through games, re-enactments, music, and maps. I’m sure… Read More »

Music Helps Students Shine

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When it comes to music, our goal is for the children to be fully engaged. At a time when sitting in a socially distant classroom or watching Zoom lessons is the norm all over the country, our students are present and eager to play their hearts out in music classes.

Music tells us a story, and by learning how to read and write in the language of music, we learn about different cultures, ideas, and experiences. Additionally, students may be able to relate and connect with Jewish culture on a deeper level with the unique power of music.

Learning music also provides us a way to express ourselves. For students that are still developing their sense of self, music helps them to convey their feelings in place of words. Similarly, students may… Read More »

Our Heroes Inspire our Future!

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This year in Jewish history we are focusing on American Jewish History. 

We are discovering how our ancestors got to America, where they came from and what brought them here. We spoke about the first Jews in America and the role they played in paving the path of what America is today. We learned that there were three major waves of Jews who came to America, first from Spain, then from Germany and finally from Poland/Eastern Europe

We are currently studying the Jews of Poland to help us understand what life was like for them and how they eventually made their way to America. It is fascinating uncovering the journeys, joys and hardships that our grandparents took to be where we are today!

Faygie Goorevitch
Read More »

Learning Can Be FUN!

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Wow! Purim is really in the air! Kittah Alef - first grade is busy getting ready! We are writing our very own Megillahs, sharpening and excelling our newly learnt Hebrew cursive writing skills. Unique and modern (solar paneled light up) graggers are being made! Yummy and fun Mishloach Manot are being prepared to exchange. All of this and much more! Of course we are still managing to squeeze in our Hebrew reading practice and all of other interesting Judaic topics and skills.

Who said learning can’t be fun? 

Understanding the Past - Building the Future!

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This year in History, the middle school students are covering Ancient Civilizations, spanning from the early development of civilizations through the times of Ancient Rome.  We are presently halfway through our unit on the early Middle Eastern civilizations focusing on Ancient Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt.  We just recently wrapped up our project on Ancient Mesopotamia. The students were assigned the task of creating a children’s book explaining the significance of Mesopotamia in a way a child could understand.  They then had an author’s reading where they got to read their books to the class! 
Mesopotamia Book Presentation 1.jpg Mesopotamia Book Presentation 3.jpg Mesopotamia Book Presentation 3.jpg


At the high school level, we are currently learning about the importance of… Read More »
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