Academic Overview 

Our award-winning, nationally recognized academics are driven by the most current research. In small, interactive learning environments, passionate and dedicated teachers nurture creativity and inspire curiosity. Our individualized curriculum meets students where they are and moves them toward their personal best.


See how we kindle a love for learning:

Data-driven and dynamic, our Next-Generation curriculum offers:

• Standards-based excellence
• Accelerated and enriched gifted learning
• College preparatory program

Our students develop high-demand skills for today and tomorrow’s technology-driven world with:

• Smart classrooms equipped with seamless technology
• Cutting-edge xSTREAM (science and technology) labs
• Coding, broadcasting and computer literacy taught in our 21st century Media Lab
• Laptops for students starting in 2nd grade

Through inquiry and project-based learning, students build soft skills to thrive in a global and digital economy, including:

• Communication
• Collaboration
• Creativity
• Critical thinking
• Digital citizenship

Students learn by doing a wide range of student-centered hands- on experiences that encompass:

• Real-world problem-solving
• Innovation, Science and Technology Fairs
• Community service integrated with classroom learning

We employ a variety of instructional strategies focusing on each student’s abilities, learning styles and strengths.

These strategies include:
• Blended learning
• Small-group instruction
• One-on-one support
• Flexible seating

With access to state-of-the-art athletic facilities and programs, our students build discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, and health habits.

Options include: 

  • AYSO soccer
  • swimming
  • basketball
  • tennis
  • martial arts
  • baseball
  • and more

Our unique dual curriculum blends Judaic studies and Hebrew language in a deeply meaningful context including:

• Hebrew Language and Israeli culture from Kindergarten
• Study of Judaism including classical text in Torah and Talmud
• Guest lectures by renowned scholars

Emotional intelligence is a foremost indicator of successful leadership in our future and global economy. Taught by counseling professionals and integrated seamlessly into our dual curriculum, the skills and competencies we impart include:

• Self-Awareness
• Physical and emotional regulation
• Motivation
• Empathy
• Interpersonal communication skills
• Conflict negotiation

We extend learning beyond the classroom and into our community, with educational field trips, service-learning, faculty-supervised overnight programming, athletics, counseling, and after-school enrichment including: 

  • Visual, Music and Performing Arts
  • Robotics and Coding
  • Culinary Arts
  • Athletics