Through hands-on labs, experiments, field tests, and interactive presentations in front of expert panelists, your child will learn to think outside the box, form ideas, put them to the test, and solve problems using ingenuity and imagination.  In the process, your child will develop his or her distinctive point of view and voice. They will be encouraged to think critically as well as creatively. 

With an emphasis on skill-based instruction, our middle school curriculum challenges students  to put knowledge into practice. Our project-based approach allows your child to see the real-world relevance of learning, while also deepening his or her understanding and retention of standards - aligned content. 

Drawing from classroom lessons, your child will create art projects, author narratives, write and perform plays, design software programs, build interactive presentations, and so much more.

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The Hebrew Academy’s next generation learning approach: 

C reativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Cooperation, Communication, Compassion, Character, Citizenship and Leadership  

The Hebrew Academy's enriched curriculum is aligned with Common Core standards for California as well as Next Generation Science Standards.

Instruction is focused on college, career and life skills to ensure that our students are well prepared to lead and succeed in their next educational setting.