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Join the Party: What Makes The Hebrew Academy Celebration Special

Are you ready for a Purim celebration unlike any other?

As the vibrant colors of Purim begin to unfurl around us, we are thrilled to extend an open invitation to our annual Purim celebration. It’s more than just a festive gathering; it’s a celebration of who we are as individuals and a vibrant community.

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The Heart of Purim

Purim isn't just another date on the calendar; it's a time-honored tradition that embodies the spirit of unity, joy, and triumph. It’s when we share stories, laughter, and the kind of happiness that only comes from being part of a community that cares.

More Than Just Fun

Yes, there will be masquerades, games, and various festive activities, but the chance to connect makes our Purim celebr… Read More »

When History Leaps off the Page: 5th Graders' Interactive Prelude to Middle School

As the corridors of Hebrew Academy buzz with the usual chatter and shuffle of student life, a group of 5th graders is about to embark on an educational adventure that transcends time and textbooks. In a special Middle School 101 session, history is not just a subject to be studied; it becomes a world to be explored and a story to be part of.

A Classroom Time Machine

The Middle School history teacher greets our future historians, a guide ready to escort them through the stories of ancient times. The lesson? A masterful blend of interactive learning that makes the Ancient World of Egypt feel as close to their fingertips and as relevant as the latest news.

Engagement That Educates

As the students grapple with true or false questions abou… Read More »

A Journey of Learning and Inspiration: Liza Wiemer's Impactful Visit to Hebrew Academy

This week, we had the privilege of hosting Liza Wiemer, an award-winning author, educator, and TEDxTalk presenter. Known for her engaging workshops and talks, her visit to our school was a testament to her illustrious career and the embodiment of her commitment to enriching education with real-world insights and Jewish values.


Liza Wiemer's Literary Contributions:

Liza Wiemer's literary journey is marked by profound works that resonate deeply with young minds and adults. Her book, "Out and About: A Tale of Giving," is an inspiring picture book that follows the young boy, Daniel, as he learns the true meaning of giving. This story aligns seamlessly with the Jewish tradition of Tzedakah, teaching children the importance o… Read More »

Cloudy with a Chance of Sunshine

Generations Day at Hebrew Academy began with an unexpected twist — a clear morning sky following an early bout of rain. This last-minute reprieve from the weather's unpredictability left us with less time to prepare, but our community rose to the occasion with remarkable spirit and efficiency. The day transformed into a triumphant celebration of adaptability, warmth, and the enduring strength of our community.

The early rain had threatened to dampen our plans, but a sense of urgency filled the air as the skies cleared. Staff, volunteers, and parents worked together in a beautiful symphony of cooperation, quickly setting up and ensuring every detail was in place. Though a bit frantic, this burst of activity was charged with positivity… Read More »

Hearing Tomorrow's Leaders Today: A Glimpse into Hebrew Academy's Student Journalism

The room is alive with a charged energy: the clatter of rapid keystrokes, the rustle of shuffled papers, and the soft, focused whispers of collaboration. There's a palpable sense of urgency as video editors huddle over their screens, piecing together footage for a compelling narrative. Alongside them, web designers meticulously craft the layout, ensuring each article has the clarity it deserves. This could be a bustling media house scene on deadline day. 


This is in fact the Hebrew Academy High School English classroom under the supportive gaze of Mrs. O'Brien. Here, the clang of a news alert comes from a student's phone, announcing the latest photo for the headline story. Video editors cluster, their screens a patchwork of… Read More »

Ahead of the Curve: Hebrew Academy's Middle School 101 Program

At Hebrew Academy, we don't just teach for today; we prepare for tomorrow. That's the driving force behind our pioneering Middle School 101 (MS101) program, exclusively crafted for our fifth graders. It's a program that doesn't just bridge the gap between elementary and middle school – it builds a runway for our students to take off into their next academic phase with confidence, curiosity, and a robust skill set.


The MS101 program kicks off with an engaging introduction to middle school life. Here, our fifth graders embark on a delightful scavenger hunt, meeting their future teachers and collecting fun facts. It's a wonderful blend of learning and play, setting the stage for a smooth transition to middle school.


… Read More »

A Season of Learning and Growth: Upcoming Events at HACDS

Welcome back from winter break! At Hebrew Academy, we're excited to kick off a new year filled with enriching events for our community. From enhancing parenting skills to celebrating our planet and preparing our youth for college, our lineup promises learning and growth for all ages.

1. Masterclass in Parenting: Executive Functions with Dr. Meagan Varona

Unlock the secrets of effective parenting with Dr. Meagan Varona's masterclass on executive functions. This session offers valuable insights into child development and practical strategies for raising confident, successful children.

Navigating Success - Parent Class Template.jpg

Date and Registration: Limited seats are available, so register at for this transformative experience.

2. Empowering Jewish Identity: Co… Read More »

Lighting the Future: A Chanukah Celebration of Generations at Hebrew Academy

As the final candles of Chanukah were lit on the Hebrew Academy Campus in Orange County, California, an air of anticipation and wonder enveloped our school community, weaving together the joyous spirit of Chanukah with a profound journey through time and tradition.

It began in the second-grade classroom, a space transformed into a time capsule. Our young learners, just starting their 'Smiles for Seniors' mitzvah project, were graced with a visit from two remarkable centenarians – Mr. Joe Alexander and Dr. Jacob Eisenbach. Their arrival, a short yet symbolic trip on our school's golf cart, was like traveling across decades, bridging years with youthful curiosity.


A different kind of chorus took shape in the classroom, a place u… Read More »

A Community United in Light: A Memorable Chanukah at Hebrew Academy

A Community United in Light: A Memorable Chanukah at Hebrew Academy


As the last flickers of the Chanukah candles light up the nights, our hearts at Hebrew Academy Community Day School remain strong and bright. This year, our menorah lighting transcended tradition; it became a vibrant celebration of our wonderfully diverse community.


The Value Circle of the Hebrew Academy Community Day School echoed with laughter and chatter, bringing together bright young students, dedicated teachers, proud parents, and long-standing supporters. Each evening, as we gathered to light the menorah, there was a palpable sense of unity and warmth, a reminder of the strength and spirit of our community and the unique place we hold in the hear… Read More »

What ignites the spirit of a Hebrew Academy's modern-day Maccabee?

As the flicker of Chanukah candles pierces the winter darkness, it reminds us of the Maccabees' ancient triumph. But at Hebrew Academy of Orange County, California, the flame of the Maccabee spirit is not just a once-a-year marvel; it's a daily inspiration that fuels our unique educational journey. Each lesson and project—like puzzle pieces—reveal a vibrant and real opportunity for learning, identity, and courage.


The Puzzle of Physics and Faith:

In our Middle School, a dreidel isn’t merely a spinning top used for remembering the Chanukah story—it’s a gateway to discovery. Our students delve into the mysteries of gravity, force, and momentum to engineer dreidels that spin longer, balancing the pull… Read More »

Thank You, Hebrew Academy Parents! Together, Look What We’ve Done.

Thank you parents .jpg

Tiny hands gripping his lunch box, a young boy walks alongside his Abba, stepping into the Hebrew Academy campus in Huntington Beach. It feels like a typical scene of a child embarking on his first day of kindergarten – a journey marked by new beginnings, nervous smiles, and the promise of new friendships.

But this is October, and for this family, it’s a first day unlike any other. Amidst the backdrop of a country in turmoil, this is not just the start of a school year; it’s a search for normalcy in a life disrupted by the chaos and uncertainty in their homeland, the land of Israel. This day carries the weight of hope for a peaceful refuge and the promise of stability.

The Hebrew Academy community rises to mee… Read More »

Perfecting Every Bite and Every Mind: Hebrew Academy's Educational Approach

Chanie's Famous Turkey Recipe:

Imagine the aroma of a Thanksgiving turkey, golden and savory, the centerpiece of our feast. But it’s not just any turkey—it’s Chanie Perelmuter’s, prepared with a tradition of love and a sprinkle of innovation. 

1988 Celebrating a legacy of hands on learning.jpg


Here’s how she does it: 

The turkey is lavishly coated with duck sauce for a tangy sweetness, then baked to a tender midpoint (Approximately 11/2 hours). Once cooled, it's carefully sliced. Each piece, assessed for its unique level of doneness, is placed into separate tins. Chanie's approach ensures that each slice comes out succulent and perfectly cooked when the turkey returns to the oven. It's a meticulous process, but the result is a universally… Read More »

Embracing Each Step: Hebrew Academy's Approach to Educational Transitions

Embracing Each Step: Hebrew Academy's Approach to Educational Transitions 

Begin your child's journey.png 

The echoes of laughter and the sight of enraptured young faces filled the Hebrew Academy Preschool’s TK classroom this week as Morah Devorah, our Kindergarten teacher, held a circle of wide-eyed preschoolers spellbound with a Chanukah tale. The children's giggles and smiles, were an honest reflection of the nurturing atmosphere that sets the stage for the seamless transitions we foster at every educational level of HACDS. 


Seamless Progression with R.E.A.L. Values:

Our transitions are not merely about change; they're milestones that embody our R.E.A.L. values. From the loving guidance in our preschool’s infant care to the c… Read More »

Capes for Parents, Superpowers for Kids: 'Raising Thrivers' Unveiled!

As parents, we've all had those moments when we wished for a superhero cape to navigate the challenges of raising our children. Well, here's your chance to don that cape while raising kids who possess superpowers. Introducing "Raising Thrivers," a webinar led by Dr. Michelle Borba, an expert in parenting and child development.

Capes for Parents, Superpowers for Kids

Imagine if you could wrap yourself in a superhero cape with the wisdom and tools to guide your child through twists and turns. Dr. Borba has identified these superpowers as seven critical characteristics: self-confidence, empathy, self-control, integrity, curiosity, perseverance, and optimism. 

Capes for parents.jpg 

Why 'Raising Thrivers' Is a Parent's Dream

Practical Ins… Read More »

The Transformative Power of Community: A Multi-Generational Perspective"

Our recent article in the Chronicle, capturing the vibrant life at Hebrew Academy, resonated with many in our community. One particularly touching response came from the father of alumna Barrie Kosberg, whose grandchildren were once part of our community but have since moved to Florida.


A Legacy of Excellence

This heartfelt sentiment is a powerful testament to the enduring value of Hebrew Academy, a value that his daughter, Barrie Kosberg, echoes. An alumna herself, Barrie recalls, "What I remember about my time at Hebrew Academy are the amazing teachers, the beautiful campus, and the welcoming Jewish community... That’s what makes Hebrew Academy different."

The Modern Hebrew Academy

While the core values of Hebrew… Read More »

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