Middle School

In our highly acclaimed middle school program, students are given the opportunity to apply the skills learned in elementary school to the next level of scholarship through more sophisticated and challenging lessons.

Our rigorous, experiential academic program encourages your middle schooler to grow intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and ethically. While preparing for high school and beyond,developing a sense of self-worth and a lifeline commitment to learning.

Since 1969 the mission of The Hebrew Academy has been to provide a high quality education that inspires young adults to vigorously pursue their highest personal and academic potential. 

Our balanced program nurtures the middle school student’s intellect, their developing spiritual awareness, and a commitment to taking an active role in their community. The Hebrew Academy cultivates a passion for learning that ensures students have the academic skills for success, as well as the moral character that drives them to make a positive difference in the world.

Our unique success can be attributed to the personal nature of our small program - we provide a challenging and rigorous curriculum in an extended family atmosphere. 

Each semester our students work collaboratively on an exciting cross-curricular project, where, in addition to the Common Core curriculum, they learn and apply next-generation critical thinking skills, problem-solving, and technology.  Their work culminates in a interactive and engaging showcase demonstrating what they've learned and what they are proposing to address real-world problems.

With an emphasis on skill-based instruction, our middle school curriculum challenges students to put knowledge into practice. Our project-based approach allows your child to see the real-world relevance of learning, while also deepening his or her understanding and retention of standards-aligned content.

Throughout the middle school experience, your child will be asked to think critically as well as creatively. Through hands-on labs, experiments, field tests, and interactive presentations in front of expert panelists, your child will learn to think outside the box, form ideas, put them to the test, and solve problems using ingenuity and imagination. In the process, your child will develop his or her distinctive point of view and voice.

Technology is already a pervasive part of young people’s lives. Our middle school curriculum is designed to turn technology into a means of connecting to — rather than disconnecting from — the world. Smart classrooms equipped with learning technology put a world of information at your child’s fingertips. Virtual classrooms introduce your child to student experiences across the globe. With access to a dedicated computer lab, your young scholar will become a proficient and responsible user of technology as a tool for learning and improving lives.

Inside small, supportive classrooms, every voice counts. And every student has the opportunity to lead as well as learn interactively. As our middle school students take on a more rigorous and challenging curriculum, they also accept more responsibility. Through a range of leadership opportunities, your child will develop the confidence and independence needed to succeed in high school, college, and in the world beyond. Your young scholar will also learn how to take the initiative, work in teams, communicate ideas, and manage themselves more effectively.