Core Values / Middot Tovot


We are proud that learning and internalizing Jewish values are integral parts of the outstanding Hebrew Academy educational program, and look for opportunities to recognize students who embody these character traits.

Each month our school highlights a different core value.

  • Our teachers, both General Studies and Judaic, will be teaching lessons connected to the core value to help our students not just practice these values, but also to understand its importance. 
  • Students also reflect on the role that each core value plays with their families and friends extending beyond our campus.
  • Every Rosh Chodesh, at our school community assembly, the children are recognized for their achievements and a Community Leader Award is chosen from every grade for exemplifying the core value(s) of the month.


 How our school families can support this program at home:

Grades K-2 

Midda Tova Recognition Cards

K-2 families can recognize their children for demonstrating the core value (midda tova) at home by either filling out a Midda Tova Card or completing this online form

At every Rosh Chodesh assembly  a new raffle winner will be drawn from all the entries. 

Grades 3-5 

Midda Tova Creative Expression Contest - 

core values art contest.jpgStudents can create a poster, song, slideshow or essay that demonstrates their understanding of the core value, (midda Tova), of the month. Projects can be turned into the front office or emailed to [email protected] 

At every Rosh Chodesh, one participant in each grade will be chosen to present their completed project to the school community.